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In collaboration with Augusto Zúniga, Javier Garay Mena and Philippe Bertrand.

This installation aims to raise awareness of  the health related effects of the electromagnetic radiation generated by cell phones. We sought to materialize the  radio signal generated by a cell phone through visualization and sonification of its intensity. The participant can activate the installation by placing a call to the cell phone central to the piece. The intensity of the radio signal generated by this call is picked up by a sensor and the signal is translated into a visual and auditive experience, bringing into the sensory realm an otherwise imperceptible phenomenon. By materializing this energy that we are unavoidably subjected to daily, we seek to raise awareness of its potential health hazards.

For this project I created the arduino-based sensor and the communication interface to connect it to Processing and Pure Data. I also created a granular synthesizer which sonifies the intensity of the cell phone’s radio signal.

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